Greater Visibility Leads to
Greater Savings

From data, we find advantages. From uncertainty, we generate intelligence. That’s the core philosophy of our team of analysts who crunch your company’s travel data in order to increase visibility, target savings and drive hard dollar ROI.


We begin by integrating your expense, card, agency, global, general ledger and other systems into our secure data mart. Simultaneously, we analyze your contracts to categorize existing airline, hotel, car rental and other travel agreements into a user-friendly data room.


In the next phase, we analyze this fresh data set to identify vendor targets and travel policy modifications. All information is accessible by the client through our visually stunning reporting software, which gives you the visibility to clearly see the big picture as well as drill down into the details.


Your Financial Analyst will be an expert in ROI, a valuable resource who never stops crunching numbers to provide new insights into your program and innovative ways to maximize savings. They work diligently to design comprehensive analytics and customized KPI dashboards focused on cost reduction.


A relentless advocate for vendor leverage, your dedicated Sourcing Analyst will retain high-level vendor relationships to secure the very best value for your organization. A results-driven negotiator, this team member conducts RFPs, monitors your contract performances and audits your rates.


Once we’ve zeroed in on ideal leverage strategies, we’ll identify key behavioral attributes of your travelers and educate them to increase adoption of new travel policies, focus on preferred vendors and target the lowest available fares.


Throughout the entire process, we’ll complete ongoing audits of supplier agreements, particularly with hotels, to ensure discounts are not just honored, but are also consistent across industries.

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