Helping Your Company with
Vital Compliance Support

When all of your company’s travelers are following your travel policy to a “T”, good things happen. They’re booking with the right, pre-chosen suppliers, optimizing savings opportunities and generating obtainable data to be used in the future.

But monitoring their travel behavior to encourage compliance, as well as disseminating the right intelligence to your travelers at the right time, takes a lot of resources. Your travel managers must pay close attention to hundreds of moving dots around the globe, sending thousands of emails a day to foster compliance.

Travel Leaders Corporate’s Policy Optimizer handles it all for them, and more.


  • Always-on monitoring solution keeps track of your travelers around the globe so you don’t have to
  • Delivers emails to both travelers and their managers when travel rules are violated, keeping everyone in the loop
  • Sends positive feedback when your travelers book within policy, fostering future compliance


  • Encourages policy compliance and improves overall travel experience, as travelers are kept informed throughout their journey
  • With greater compliance, more viable data is collected to secure long-term savings for your company
  • You have full control on which travel rules trigger messages, driving the right travel behavior to generate the greatest benefits

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